How to easily add emojis to photos on iPhone

All are using  iPhone thus We are sharing  ” How to add emojis to photo on iPhone. Anyone who wants to add cuteness to their photos by adding emojis to them or using emojis to mask the person’s face in the photo. The team has a simple way to put emojis (Emoji) on the iPhone to recommend you to watch.

How to easily add emojis to photos on iPhone
It’s easy, we’ll use the tools. “Mark” or Mark up to add emojis to photos. with the following steps

  • Go to the Photos app and select the desired photo > Tap Edit > Tap the Mark Up icon on the top left corner.

Tap the + icon at the bottom and select Text > tap the text, then tap Edit (Text).

choose as emoji keyboard Then select the desired emoji image > can enlarge the size of the emoji. To do this, select the reed (Aa) icon at the bottom and swipe left or right to adjust the size of the emoji.

When you’re done customizing the photo or adding an emoji, tap Done > tap Done again.

We’ll get a picture decorated with cute emojis, easy to make on your iPhone without having to download any additional apps.If you would like to download app. You can download here Download App

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