IP WebCam – Acid For Android

Use an android phone as a webcam, turns your phone into a network camera, and view your camera on anywhere.

Transforms old smartphones into home security system, guarding and monitoring your house, pet cam, baby monitor, home security cameras.

If you would like to live this application, you can use this application to use. There is one of them from webcam.

I noticed there are only two words that the Buddha used to say and called the monks when they would make mistakes or speak meaningless things.⁣

– stupid man.⁣⁣

– “don’t make a bull voice.” Don’t speak meaningless things. Don’t make a bull voice, if you do not know the truth. ⁣

⁣Bulls make a louder sound when they speak, but, it is just the voice. It has no meaning. Even though it has a meaning, but, we exactly don’t know what that is.⁣

Write down in a comment box if you know any other words.

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