Touch Macro Pro – Auto Clicker For Android

Automate repetitive touches with TOUCH MACRO. It is an application that provides various functions such as group repeat, image comparison, and GOTO items. TOUCH MACRO can perform complex tasks, quickly repeat clicks, find images on the screen and click them. The intuitive macro editor makes editing macros easier. This application requires permission below to perform touch and gestures. 

– Accessibility Service

TOUCH MACRO Pro is a touch automation application. This application requires accessibility permissions to perform touch and gestures.

  •  Android developer option or ROOT
  • Accessibility services are not available on Android 7.0 and lower. So you need to enable developer options or ROOT.
  •  Emulator

This app can be run on a computer emulator.

Burn-in may occur if the smartphone is turned on for a long time. To prevent burn-in, enable the “Hide pop-up window while replaying” option.

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