SMS Backup & Restore For Android

SMS Backup and Restore is an application that backs up (makes a duplicate of) SMS and MMS messages and call logs presently accessible on the telephone. It can likewise reestablish messages and call logs from previously existing reinforcements.

Note: This application requires existing reinforcements to have the option to reestablish call logs and messages. It can’t recuperate anything without existing reinforcements.

Application FEATURES:
– Reinforcement SMS (instant messages, MMS and call signs in XML design.
– Nearby gadget reinforcement with choices to naturally transfer to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
– Pick a common booked opportunity to naturally reinforcement.
– Choice to choose which discussions to reinforcement or reestablish.
– View and drill into your neighborhood and cloud reinforcements.
– Search reinforcements.
– Reestablish/move reinforcement to another telephone. Reinforcement design is free of the Android adaptation so the messages and logs can be effortlessly moved starting with one telephone then onto the next, independent of the form.
– Quick Transfer between 2 telephones over WiFi direct
– Let loose space on your telephone. Erase all SMS messages or call signs on the Phone.
– Email a reinforcement record.
– The XML reinforcement can be seen on a PC by means of the web-based watcher at

– Tried on Android 5.0 and higher
– Application just reestablishes reinforcements made by this application
– Reinforcement is made locally on the telephone as a matter of course, however has choices to transfer to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Email. Absolutely never are the documents shipped off the engineer.
– Kindly guarantee there is a duplicate of the reinforcement outside the telephone prior to playing out an industrial facility reset on the telephone.

This App needs admittance to the accompanying:
* Your messages: Backup and Restore messages. Get SMS consent expected to appropriately deal with messages got while the application is the default informing application.
* Your Calls and Contact data: Backup and Restore Call Logs.
* Capacity: To make the Backup document on the SD card.
* Network view and correspondence: Allows the application to interface with wifi for reinforcement
* Your social data: To show and store the contact names in the Backup document.
* Run at fire up: Start booked Backups.
* Keep Phone from Sleeping: To keep the telephone from nodding off/suspended state while a Backup or Restore activity is in the works.
* Test admittance to Protected Storage: To make the Backup document on the SD card.
* Account Information: To verify with Google Drive and Gmail for cloud transfers.
* Area: Only mentioned and utilized during WiFi direct exchange because of a security necessity on Android.

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