How to choose to unlock on Samsung Galaxy

All user is using a Samsung smartphone right now.  May I not know that the device has a Lockdown mode to block the use of face scanning. And fingerprint scanning for security in various situations. The only way to access the device uses a password or PIN only. Which is how to enable this mode is easy.

How to enable Lockdown mode on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  • Go to Settings > Lock Screen.
  • Press Security lock settings > Enter screen lock password.
  • Turn on Show lockdown options.
  • After completing the steps above then go to the shutdown menu (Press the side button or press the Power icon on the quick settings bar), then press
  • Lockdown mode.
  • Just like this, our device will lock, only enter a password or PIN, if you enter it, everything will be back to normal.

Lockdown mode on Samsung is completely different from the one in iOS 16. iOS 16 focuses on protecting against cyber-attacks.It is not prevent entering the device only.Download App

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