How to set an auto-play pause time on iPhone

In addition to the Clock app on the iPhone, We can now set an alarm. There is also another feature that works the same as a timer to automatically stop playing music immediately. It is this feature is very suitable. For those who like to listen to soft music while sleeping,   is very easy to do. Let’s see.

How to set auto-play pause time on iPhone (must play music already)

Open Control Center (iPhone 8 and below swipe up from the bottom / iPhone models with a notch swipe down from the top right screen)

  • Select Clock > Click When Time expires.
  • Scroll to the bottom, select Stop playing > Set.
  • Select the countdown time you want to stop and press Start.
  • finish

Just like this, music from apps like Spotify, YouTube Music or JOOX will stop playing at the time we set immediately.

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