How To Change App Shortcuts on Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy

On the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, there will be a shortcut option for us to use quickly on the Lock screen. It is by default. It will be the Phone app (left) and the Camera app (right). But, actually. And then, we can set the shortcut right here to change it. It will be to the app we want. For those who are looking for it, today we will show you how

How to change shortcut app on Lock screen on Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  • Go to App Settings (Settings)
  • You can choose to set the shortcut left-right, no matter which app it is
  • It is neat

Now we can use the shortcut app the way we want. Anyone who wants the left side to turn on the flashlight, the right side to open Facebook, or if you want to adjust it according to how you use it, you can go and set it as follows.

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